World’s top 5 richest football clubs (2016)

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1 Real Madrid

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2 FC Barcelona 


3 Manchester United 

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4 FC Bayern Munich

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5 Photography tips and techniques

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As a photographer, there are few things more satisfying than mastering a new photography technique. Learning new photography techniques can open up new possibilities, provide endless potential for inspiration, and can even help to get you out of a creative rut.

1 Seeing your photos with a new eye

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The more you edit a particular photo, the more likely your eye is to grow weary of the changes that you make. Personally, after spending a few hours editing a single image, I begin to lose my ability to tell a good edit from a bad one – presenting a clear problem for making more edits. To some degree, this is even true after a two- or three-hour break; the photo is still too familiar to see with a fresh eye.

2 Three step sharpening 


Sharpening remains a particularly confusing topic among photographers, especially given the tremendous number of post-processing options available. Some post-processing software has so many options that it is hard to know where to start; others do not let you use optimal methods in the first place. If you are trying to use the best sharpening settings – including the lowest possible levels of noise and other artifacts – the ideal method is three-step sharpening.

3 High speed photography 

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One of the things that makes high speed photography most intriguing is that it freezes moments in time that are too fast for the naked eye to see. Thetrick to high speed photography is a tripod, a narrow aperture, a flash, and lots of patience.

4 Motion blur

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Motion blur is the art of capturing a moving subject. This technique is often used in sports photography, but can also be used to create interesting images with light or fast moving objects. To effectively capture motion blur, slow down your shutter speed, and hold your camera still as your subject moves. You can also “pan” with the camera, moving it along to follow the subject before releasing the shutter. This will keep your subject in focus while blurring out the background.

5 Black and white photography

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Black and white photography, when done effectively – conveys deep emotion or drama. But there’s more toblack and white photography than just hitting the black and white filter in Photoshop. Effective B&W photographystarts with the composition, making use of shadows, lighting, and strong subjects to create powerful imagery.